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[Translations] - Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:17 am
by shokinro
Our Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module now supports the following languages:

- English (original)
- French
- Italian
- Spanish
- German

These translations are done by our staff via the Google Translation tool. Some of the expressions may not translate accurately. However, we have translated the original text to the target language (for example, Spanish), then translated it back to English to verify it for usability. The bulk of the translation should be very usable as is, but you may still need to make small adjustments based on your own language and business for production use.

You can make further translations, or modify the current translations, in your PrestaShop back office by hovering over the Localization tab, then clicking the Translations option.

You can see more tips on Translation options here:


The translation files are attached to this post. To use them, download the file that applies to you and place it in the following folder within your store: