A few questions re. multi-seller marketplace

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A few questions re. multi-seller marketplace

Postby nic_3374 » Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:11 pm

Hi there

I have a client interested in creating an online marketplace. He has very clear ideas about his market and how he wants the site to look.
My job is to start implementing this, at least in a staging/test environment. I would describe my coding skills as intermediate at best but I can generally figure out how to do stuff after some Googling.

I am interested in using Prestashop as a framework to start building this project, along with any necessary Agile modules because

a) I've read Terry's posts in another forum and at last found a case where someone has already gone down this path and seems happy to talk about it. This is re-assuring in itself.
b) I'm keen to delve deeper into coding, with a view to developing in Prestashop. I want to become proficient in one technology to make the best use of my (studying) time, so that I can have a standard shop setup to offer future clients that I am knowledgable about. To this end I am also setting up my own ecommerce project using Prestashop.

I'm teetering on suggesting to my client he shells out for the necessary modules so we can start building his site but could do with some re-assurance that there is an active support community and that there will be someone to help me out when I hit a problem.

I guess I'm really after a mentor/guru who will not mind me sending them the odd occasional email or even Skype call when I am struggling with the project. I'm not sure what I can offer in return right now but would nevertheless be very grateful.

Many thanks for your attention to this.
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Re: A few questions re. multi-seller marketplace

Postby Terry » Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:22 pm

Hi Nick,

Just read your PM, and answering here.

PrestaShop can be a somewhat complex system at first, but having some programming background can help a lot. Basically, it just takes some time to sit down with PrestaShop and learn the basics. It's a module based system, so you should start by looking at the module list in the back end to see what functions are handled by modules as opposed to core code. That will give you a good feel for how it all works together.

The Agile modules add a lot of functionality to PrestaShop, so it's best to spend a short time learning the basic system first so you'll know what features the Agile modules are adding.

As you said, set up a testing environment, then just start trying options. Look at the detail for each Agile module that you plan on using to make sure each one does what you want. The Agile multi-vendor module is the best place to start, then look at any additional modules you might need for your particular application. Such as payment gateways, shipping, membership, etc.

It's a good idea to know a little more about what each module does, and which modules will be required for your client's application before you start suggesting the purchase of modules. Just spending a couple days looking things over and asking a few questions can help eliminate any possible confusion when making the proposal to your client.

I'm not around as much I'd like to be right now, but if I can answer any questions I'd be glad to...
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Re: A few questions re. multi-seller marketplace

Postby nic_3374 » Thu Oct 31, 2013 6:32 pm

Thanks Terry that is very helpful. I will take your advice on board and probably be in touch again soon.
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