We are PrestaShop 1.7 Ready!!

As of today (2017.01.01), all our modules have been upgraded to supprt PrestaShop 1.7x except a few deprecated moduless.

This section describes how to install the Agile Paypal Express Checkout module.

If you are using PrestaShop 1.3x or lower, please follow steps below:

1. Click the downloaded ZIP file to extract the package to a temporary folder.

2. Copy folder "agilepaypal" to the modules folder of your PrestaShop store folder.
    (You will need to use FTP tool or File Manager of you site control panel)

3. Log in to your PrestaShop back office.

4. Click on the Modules option, and locate the Agile PayPalExpress Checkout module in the “Payment” section.

5. Click Install button - the module will be installed automatically and the “Configure” link appear under module name.

6.  Click the “Configure” link under Module name - you will then be taken to Module Configuration screen.

7.  Enter your Paypal Account Email address, click Save, and the module is ready for use.
For more detail, see Agile Paypal module configuration screen.

If you are using PrestaShop 1.4x or higher, please follow steps below:

1. Login to the PrestaShop back office and click the Modules option.

2. Click "Add a module from my computer" and choose the module package you have downlaoded, then click "Upload this module".

3. Enter "agile" in the search bix of Module page and select the "Agile Paypal Express Checkout" module.

4. Click the "Install" link under the module, and the module will be installed automatically.

5. Click the "Configure" link under the module, then complete the module configuration screen.