We are PrestaShop 1.7 Ready!!

As of today (2017.01.01), all our modules have been upgraded to supprt PrestaShop 1.7x except a few deprecated moduless.

8. About order status of Cash On Delivery module

When you use Agile prepaid token/credits module at normal check out mode or combination checkout mode. Customer is able to pay partially by token/credits and partially by other payment module. If you are using Cash On Delivery module as Payment module, then you will need to change the order status configuration of "Preparation in progress" so that it will work with Agile Prepaid Token/Credit module seamlessly.

Potential Issue 

Our Agile prepaid token/Credit module will check order status when the order is validated. if all payment is done, it will automatically set the order status to Payment Accepted. But when you are using COD (Cash On Delivery), this module by default will add a Payment record into database even the order is not paid yet. This will confuse our module to set the order status as :Payment Accepted".

 In order to resolve the potential issue mentioned above, you need to change configuration of Order Status of "Preparation in progress", remove check box "Consider the associated order as validated.". See below screenshot image.