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For customers using our Agile Multiple Seller module and its accessry modules, we highly recommend to use PrestaShop 1.6x or 1.7.5 or lower. PrestaShop has made some changes in versions higher than 1.7.6 that makes it possible or very difficult to implement some of features via hooks, or override, since required hooks or override is not available.

Sept. 05, 2019

Agile PrestaShop Seller Shipping Module

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Agile PrestaShop Seller Shipping Module

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This is an accessory for the Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module.  This module enables Sellers to set and use their own private shipping carriers for their products, as well as different shipping charges for different zones, prices, or weight ranges.  Buyer is able to select preferred carrier at product level based on available carriers.

PrestaShop 1.4x/1.5x/1.6x/1.7x

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This module is an accessory module of Agile Multiple Seller module. 


What Store Admin Can Do:

Store Admin has the ability to choose from the following selections:

  • Use the Store's Default Carrier for a seller if that seller does not have a private carrier.
    1. Store admin can set standard shipping charges, which can be used for all sellers if the seller does not have private carriers.
    2. If a seller does not have a valid shipping carrier available, then the store's standard shipping carrier will be applied.


  • Do not use Default Carrier for seller if seller does not have a private carrier.
    1. If any item does not have a deliverable carrier, buyer is not able to check out.
    2. A detailed list of products that do not have a deliverable carrier will be displayed during the checkout process.


  • Set up default carrier shipping fee for based on price or wright for each zone.
  • At order details page, admin it able to see shipping summary at each order, with detailed product list per carrier.

What the seller can do: 

  • The Seller can have multiple private shipping carriers.
  • The Seller can set a default carrier so it will be selected by default for the customer.
  • The Seller can set different shipping charges (fees) based on product price or product weight.
  • The Seller can set different shipping charges (fees) for different zones, e.g. region or country.
  • The Seller can manage all private carriers, set shipping fees at front store "Seller Management Panel -> My Seller Account".
This is an easy to use tool that uses the same carrier management page which contains different admin menus.  At front store, seller can easily manage carrier/shipping fees in one location in a very simple way.  See screenshot for more details. [Prestashop 1.5x only]

What the Buyer can do:

  • The Buyer Is able to choose a carrier at the product level.
  • The shipping price is updated dynamically when the buyer changes the shipping carrier for each product during the checkout process.
  • The store admin can see detailed shipping information from different carriers.
  • The module supports both the 'five step' traditional checkout process and the One Page Checkout process.
  • The Seller can see detailed shipping information for different carriers on the Order Details page in the back office.



PrestaShop original shipping cost estimation module is not compatible with Agile Seller Shipping module. Please do not use this module if you have installed Agile Seller Shipping module.



  • This module is not compatible with feature Order Creation at back office by admin. Admin is still able to create orders at back office, but not able to select correct shipping carrier. 
  • All shipping zones are set at the store level. All sellers use the same zones created by store admin.


Screenshot Images


 Front office - customer can choose carriers for each product item during checkout process.



 Back office - Order Details page

(Detailed shipping carrier/products/shipping fee information for Admin and Seller)



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PrestaShop 1.7x - Yes

PrestaShop 1.6x - Available*

PrestaShop 1.5x - Available*

PrestaShop 1.4x - Available*

PrestaShop 1.3x - No

*Avaliable - Please purchase current version of the module, then contact us with your order # and the version of your PrestaShop, we will send you the correct package of the module that works for your PrestaShop store.

Version - 2015.02.10
- changed to use real hook name in prestashop 1.6x instead of using alias names
- fixed bug - front seller management - shipping carrier list - column header "Actions" translation issue
- fixed bug - the shipping fee in Carrier drop down list at carrier selection page does not show correctly when using combination

Version - 2014.10.10
- When create a new carrier, select all groups by default
- when create a new carrier, a default range 0 - 5000 will be added automatically.
- fixed shipping handling fee calculation issue (set at store level)
- Fixed Shipping handling fee calculation was not included before
- Compatible with Smart Cache for Javascript and Smart Cache for CSS
Version - 2014.04.08
- Support PrestaShop 1.6x and Responsive themes
- Default carrier sharing is changed as following
You can choose from either one of following to share the Default Carrier that is linked to the module.
A. Never - do not share the Default Carrier
B. Yes - only when no other carriers available for the seller
C. Always - always use Default carrier for all carrier.
- fixed an issue at Order details page back office - Default carrier is not displayed correctly in order details, the weight of order was always 0.
- Implemented carrier Out Of Range handling

Version 1.2.6 - 2014.02.13
- new feature, support multiple public/shared carriers. the public/shared carriers can only be manage by admin. 
A. Only admin can manage/configure public/shared carriers, sellers can see the carrier information at front store Seller Panel.
B. Configuration of public/shared carrier will be the same to all carriers.
C. Seller is able to choose to use carriers or not at product level (at product management page - shipping tab)
Version - 2013.12.06
- new feature - always use lowest shipping carrier by default. 
- new feature - the carriers in drop down list will sorted by price, lowest price comes first.
- fixed an issue when user switch Zone (for example, before log in, ad after log in)
- fixed carrier - shipping fee tax displaying issue in product level carrier drop-down list.
- fixed issue not able to focus at width/weight/depth field for editing.
- fixed an error at adding weight range.
Version - 2013.06.01
- Seller is able to manage seller shipping carrier at front store My Seller Account page
  This is an easy to use carrier management tool then the complicated one in back office.
- Fixed an issue with additional shipping cost calculation. 
- Fixed a problem when carrier is assigned to specific product (at product management page), other carrier are also displayed in carrier selection page during checkout.
- Fixed issue at Once page checkout page, when user choose different carrier, shipping at order summary is not updated.
- Fixed an issue with additional shipping cost calculation when using combination and add the same product with different combination.
Version 1.2.3 - 2013.03.11
- Total shipping fee is not displayed correctly at Order confirmation email and Back office Order Details page when this module is installed.
- Fix an issue with product additional shipping fee is not included on shipping carrier selection page

Version 1.2.1 - 2012.12.01
- Integrated with new released Agile Multiple Shop module which allow each seller to have a virtual shop, virtual directory and separated themes.

Version 1.2.0 - 2012.10.20
- Module adjusted to compatible with PrestaShop 1.5x
Version 1.1.1 - 2012.09.21
- Fixed a bug at shipping fee calculation when different seller sharing default Carrier and shipping price by Wright
Version 1.1.1 - 2012.09.05
- Adjusted module to support PrestaShop 1.4.9 (fixed an Smarty error on 1.4.9)

Version 1.1.0 - 2012.07.27
- Fixed a bug that causes wrong shipping fee calculation when adding more than more than one from same error.
- Fixed a bug that does not update shipping fee in cart block at Carrier selection page in traditional 5 step checkout.
- It is configurable that you can choose to use Store Default Carrier as seller carrier if the seller does not have private carrier.
- Display detailed products that can not be delivered in case any item in cart can not find a carrier to delivery.
Version - 2012.06.14
- Fixed an issue when shipping fee based on weight
- Fixed an issue the reflect cart summary data
Version 1.0 - 2012.05.19
- Store can set standard shipping charges - which can be used for all sellers if the seller does not have private carriers
- If a seller does not have valid shipping carrier available, then the store standard shipping carrier will be applied
- Seller can have multiple private shipping carriers 
- Seller can set different shipping charge (shipping fee) based on product price or product weight
- Seller can set different shipping charge (shipping fee) for different zone(region/country)
- Buyer Is able to choose carrier at product level
- The shipping price is updated dynamically when buyer change the shipping carrier for each product during checkout process
- The module support both 5 steps traditional checkout process or Once Page Checkout process

Please see here our general installation guide

A. New installation of agile module

B. Upgrade of agile module

Other notes
After installatio, you need make following configuration to make Default Carrier work

1. Set the carrier information, linked from this module screen (or go Shipping Tab -> Carriers tab)
Change carrier name if necessary
Set all other infomraiton based on your needs
Set this carrier as default carrier
Disable all otehr carriers

2. Create a prices range or weight range based on your setting above

3. Set the shipping prices for each zone at "Shipping" tab home page

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