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For customers using our Agile Multiple Seller module and its accessry modules, we highly recommend to use PrestaShop 1.6x or 1.7.5 or lower. PrestaShop has made some changes in versions higher than 1.7.6 that makes it possible or very difficult to implement some of features via hooks, or override, since required hooks or override is not available.

Sept. 05, 2019

Agile make an offer for PrestaShop

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This is a module that buyers can send a price offer to seller privately via email. It will display a "Make an offer" button at product page and when user click this button, a form will open up for  buyer to fill and send the form to seller.

 PrestaShop 1.5x/1.6x/1.7x 

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This version is for PrestaShop 1.7x, if you are looking for the module for lower version of PrestaShop 1.6x/1.5x/1.4x, please contact us at [email protected]

This is an accessory module of Agile Multiple Seller/vendor module. It allow buyers to send a message by email to seller to make a price offer. 



If user is logged in, then automatically the user's email address and name will be used. Otherwise, user need to manually enter name and email address.

The email mail will be send to the seller (owner of the product).

The product and customer information will be included in the email, but you are able to chnage the email template to modify the contents of the email.

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PrestaShop 1.7x - Yes

PrestaShop 1.6x - Available*

PrestaShop 1.5x - Available*

PrestaShop 1.4x - No

PrestaShop 1.3x - No

*Avaliable - Please purchase current version of the module, then contact us with your order # and the version of your PrestaShop, we will send you the correct package of the module that works for your PrestaShop store.

Version - 2017.01.02
Support PrestaShop 1.7x
Changed to use modal window to send price offer
Changed to use modal window to show alert messages to make more user friendly.
Changed to use PrestaShop 1.7x email template style

Version - 2016.07.18
Support PrestaShop 1.6x

Version 1.0.0 - 2013.10.21
Support PrestaShop 1.5x

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B. Upgrade of agile module

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